What is Active Learning?

Active Word

Active Learning is learning by doing. To learn English, we must do more than just listen. We must be challenged to discuss and solve problems in English as a team.

"Active learning creates excitement in the classroom!"
Bonwell & Eison (1991)

"Active Learning is not a spectator sport...They must talk about what they are learning...relate it to past experiences and apply it to their daily lives."
Chickering & Gamson (1987)

What is Project Work?

Project work is a student–led approach that encourages creativity while improving leadership, communication and social skills. Project–based learning does not involve paper–based, rote memorisation, teacher–led classrooms.

Boy Drawing a Triangle

"Research has demonstrated that students in project-based learning classrooms get higher scores than students in traditional classrooms."
Blumenfeld & Krajcik (2006)

"Language classes should therefore include a variety of active learning experiences, such as conversations, enactment of dialogues & minidramas, and team competitions, and reflective experiences, such as brief writing exercises & question formulation exercises."
Felder & Henriques (1995)

Why Active Learning & Project Work?

Learning Word

Research and experience have convinced us this is the best way to create a lasting bilingual classroom environment. Being challenged to complete tasks in another language immerses children in the target language, requiring them to actively THINK in that language. This encourages the use of English not only inside but also outside the classroom.

"Modern students are primarily active learners, and lecture courses may be increasingly out of touch with how students engage their world."
Guthrie & Carlin (2004)